Best Gloves For Electrical Work Reviews 2022

Put on the gloves and work with confidence!

Gloves are used in various professions to provide protection against hazardous surfaces. It is very important to use these items properly because without it you can get injured by something that can cause a lot of pain. If you belong to any field that involves electricity, then electrician’s gloves will be your best friend when doing all sorts of tasks related to electrical wiring or repairs. In this review, we will discuss some products which will help you find the right product for your needs while at the same time recommending those which are highly recommended among electricians. We hope that our reviews will guide you through on what item to purchase depending on your intended purpose and investment budget.

Top Picks for Best Gloves For Electrical Work

1.Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Gloves

As the most durable and best-selling of Maxiflex’s work glove lineup, these gloves are perfect for those who like their gloves snug. The Micro-foam nitrile coating is compatible with light oils and will provide a good grip while keeping the hands feeling as though they’re not wearing anything at all. We’ve also thrown in a tight knit wrist to block dirt and debris from entering into your glove – that way you keep clean hands. Trust us, working on hot equipment is no fun when you have to constantly remove your glove so it won’t melt onto what you’re running your hand over! These thin yet tough gloves come in two sizes: small/medium; medium/large. With 360° breathability comes an easy time working in warm conditions. It’s no fun to tear up a glove because of an overheating palm, and that won’t happen with these gloves!

The fit of this product is baggy, which the company recommends for a loose feel while maintaining your dexterity and grip. The cuff also features reinforced seems to ensure long-wearing quality even if you’re working on something like electrical panels – the combination of leather/nylon is great for comfort and durability! With triple layer protection comes the necessary cut resistance needed when working with sharp tools and equipment – it doesn’t matter how good you are when your hand or fingers get caught by a blade or saw.

  • Durable construction
  • Breathable design
  • Grip is good
  • Lightweight and flexible

  • Baggy fit

2.Mechanix Wear: The Original Work Gloves

Go ahead and ruin your nails. Mechanix Wear washable work gloves are a gentle on sensitive skin, tough on the job site.

The Original Work Gloves provide you with just enough grip to carry heavy loads without losing your hold at any point. With Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) closure provides the perfect fit for working hands. Flexible TrekDry material ventilates, regulates temperature, and finally lets your hands breathe easy again – even in hot summer days! Use machine-washable materials that will keep these work gloves clean and fresh for as long as you need them to last! In addition to being form-fitting so they don’t slip off while doing dirty work; this product also has industrial grade hook and loop at the wrist – which means you’ll never find yourself searching for a wriststrap when in the middle of a project!

These gloves can fit all sizes, so it’s the perfect choice whether you have the small or big hand. The Original Work Gloves are available in 10 different colors to match your work uniform and style!

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Ventilates
  • Machine washable
  • Can rip while working on hard materials

3.Klein Tools Journeyman Leather Utility Gloves

You’re always out on the town, doing some hands-full of work. Make sure your gloves match the intensity of your every day workload with Klein’s Journeyman Leather Utility Gloves. These suede leather gloves are made of tanned cowhide and offer an open cuff for quick on/off, large fit to protect against injury from sharp edges with densely woven cotton lining for comfort and dexterity while gripping objects like wrenches or drills without irritating hand callouses and extra-thick seams in high-stress areas for durability.

Anti-vibration gel pads in the palm keep your hands comfortable while reducing fatigue, even during marathon projects. Smaller sized gloves have been added for more versatility: you can use these lightweight work gloves for everything from lifting and moving debris to digging in rocks and wood!

Pros: Lightweight; Breathable; Durable construction Cons: Not suitable for extreme heat (can get too hot); Cut resistance isn’t that great

4.Electricians Gloves Large 

Klein Tools Electricians Gloves are made with stretch spandex for comfort and breathability. This glove features a wraparound index finger and is black/gray to blend in with your work clothes. Reinforced thumb base so hands can easily grip objects even after miles of use, durable palms for insulation from cuts that will occur when wire pulling, all wrapped up in one American-made package where you never have to worry if the product has been recalled. Premium gloves meant for long days on an electrical job site or just some practice wiring at home, these GLOVEs are ANSI-certified this means they’re guaranteed safety-tested !

Pros: Stretchy; Breathable Cons: Might run a bit big on you

5.HANDLANDY Safety Work Gloves

Forget gloves that constrict your fingers and keep you from feeling? No more forgetting to put them on at work because our new HANDLANDY Safety Work Gloves are the ultimate in safety and comfort. If package handling is your gig, our Silicon coated palms are going to give you an edge with grip. They’re even touchscreen compatible!Our high abrasion resistant utility synthetic leather gloves offer extra protection around the palm of your hand–giving you just a little bit of extra protection where most people need it most–all day long. 

Don’t let bad weather interfere with a good day’s work, slip on the cuff for added dexterity whether or not wearing bulky jackets or coats; combined with hooks, these gloves won’t slow you down in a pinch! These gloves are made with premium grade polyester for comfortability and durability, even while hand-laying or pulling wires. The mesh back allows for maximum breathability–keeping your hands cool as you work hard.

  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • No extra padding at base of fingers (which can prolong fatigue)
  • Too tight for larger hands

Things to consider before buying Gloves For Electrical Work


The most important thing about picking out gloves is getting one that’s made of the right fabrics, namely they should have a sturdy, protective outer layer to prevent injury.

If you’re working with power lines or other dangerous situations where there is the possibility for something potentially harmful getting in through small holes in your work gloves then it will be very important to get a glove that has at least an inner coating of Kevlar. If not then you definitely need at least the option to buy Kevlar-lined work gloves separately as this can make a huge difference for your safety!

Although it can sometimes be an inconvenience to take separate sets of work gloves with you if you do have the option of taking different pairs and specific pair for certain situations then it will be worth doing so. Taking this step is a smart one in terms of safety but also ensures that you don’t have to stay home from work because your current set of gloves would not be able to withstand an accident or injury. And even if your job isn’t in the line of fire, many work environments outside electrical wiring still require some kind of protective glove for certain jobs such as construction and plumbing! Work gloves are overall usually required for most manual labor type jobs where there’s a lot of heavy lifting involved and carpentry as well .

#2 Number of pairs

Sometimes it can become necessary to pick up more than just one or two pairs depending on what types of job sites you’re working at (construction vs. office, etc) and how often you tend to work in wet conditions or on electrical wiring.

#3 Durability

It is also a huge concern when picking out protective gloves because even though it can be tempting to pick up super cheaply made pieces of handwear for a short term job site you will more than likely need something that’s going to last so try getting something that’s at least somewhat durable. And don’t just look at the price tag! Check other factors like fabric thickness and overall build quality before deciding if they’re worth your money or not. 

#4 Weather Friendly

This one can be tricky but there are a number of different things you could consider such as using thinner gloves during hot weather, thicker ones for cold and some that have both the thick and thin together, if your hands tend to be warm or cold a lot.

#5 Size

It is of course another important factor when choosing gloves for electrical work. Make sure you know the exact size requirements before purchasing so you aren’t stuck with something that’s either too big or too small! Keep in mind there are plenty of ways to get more use out of smaller sized gloves such as using grip pads on the fingers which would give you enough grip to handle things like screwdrivers etc even if your glove fingers do fit just a bit tight at first.


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