Best Left Handed Golf Gloves Reviews 2022

Golf is an outdoor activity. Not just because it’s a good way to spend time outside, but also because the weather can change so drastically that you have an excuse for being indoors on rainy days too.

On sunny and cool days, golfing with your mates is such great fun; not only are you catching some rays and exercising yourself (which makes up for all those other times when spending hours in front of the TV sounds more appealing), or shooting the shit while getting away from work-related stressors at home. And if your game happens to be really solid. Well, then there’s always gambling as an added bonus.

If you are a frequent golfer, it is likely that you have spent hours and even days researching the clubs best suited for your game. Choosing one with optimal grip and moisture-wicking qualities will make playing better so much easier.

Top picks for Best left-handed golf gloves

Bender Gloves Mesh Golf Gloves for Men

We offer a huge variety of gloves to suit your personality or attire, whether you want black and white bones on them, digital camo, or the USA flag printed. Choose from our durable synthetic mesh that offers all the benefits of leather without breaking the bank for an affordable price – people love how long they last due to its softness as well as textured palm patch so it doesn’t slip out of grip during play.

Your golf game will be on top with this pair of stretchy gloves. The spandex inserts provide the perfect fit, while still remaining true to size and giving you long-lasting comfort for your hands when playing for a few hours in all weather conditions.

The Spandex insert provides maximum comfort so that you can keep up your skills during extended play or even through tough weather conditions like rain or snow. This glove is designed to let go as needed, but it never let’s go too much; not letting any grip slip away from its tight grasp thanks to high-quality leather material inside these flexible fingers which are sure enough wrapped around every club without fail no matter how many years they have been used.

  • Offers a better grip than traditional leather gloves.
  • Provides excellent dexterity to move freely when swinging.
  • Longer lasting than cheaper brands.

  • Bad customer service.
  • Low durability.

BG Spandex Golf Gripping Gloves for Men

These gloves are a godsend on those hot summer days. They keep your hands safe and dry in rain storms or blazing heat waves, ensuring that you’re always comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside. They absorb perspiration from your hands while remaining lightweight and waterproof so you can play longer without feeling uncomfortable or getting blisters.

You won’t have to worry about sweaty palms in this pair of golfing gloves because they’re made with moisture-wicking technology that prevents sweat buildup for a cool dry hand feels no matter what kind of weather conditions come your way. Keep playing all day long without worrying about having wet sleeves thanks to their grip capabilities which allow you more control over each shot as well.

Your golf game doesn’t have to be hampered by a traditional glove that can’t stretch with you as you grip and swing your club. This pair provides the flexibility to stay at the top of your game, because it is made from 4-way stretch Spandex material that stretches both ways including crosswise for an even more snug fit while still remaining true to its size claim. It features a soft Cabretta leather palm that makes gripping easier, which is great for people who have tough skin on their hands from working hard jobs throughout life. And because it’s made out of sheepskin rather than wool, this means it has more texture – just what your palms need when they’re sweaty or clammy.

  • Good customer service.
  • Presentable design.
  • Low durability.

Nice Shot The Bird Men’s Golf Glove in Cabretta Leather

The Bird Golf Glove is the perfect way to keep your opponents on their toes without offending anyone. Slide fingers through strategically placed holes in order to flip off an opponent’s birdie and show that you are still going for gold. The glove fits snugly with adjustable Velcro tabs, making it comfortable enough for all-day wear or just one hole-in-one at a time.

You’ll want to find the perfect glove for your game. Choose from traditional hand-cut and stitched sheepskin Cabretta leather, or a lighter weight all-weather option with perforations that enhance breathability in even the rainiest conditions. With our ball marker, you can mark off where you are on the course easily without having to worry about someone else’s wayward shot ruining it for you.

  • Very comfortable.
  • Nice design.
  • A little expensive for some golfers.

Zero Friction Men’s Compression-Fit Synthetic Golf Glove, Universal Fit One Size

Breathable mesh lycra is sewn into the finger, back of the hand, and palm to keep you cool when working hard in hot temperatures. The synthetic microfiber on the other side provides a smooth surface for improved grip while also doubling as reinforcement along with matching color patches so they last longer.

The DigitGrip is a revolutionary new putter grip. Its digital palm and fingers are designed for maximum gripping power, with the tee detachable to accommodate golfers of any height – simply push it in place from below! It also features synthetic patches that have been engineered around your first finger so you can maintain an unbreakable hold on the clubhead at all times during gameplay.

  • Snug fit.
  • Great dexterity.
  • Hard to play catch with it on.

Men’s Golf Glove Rain Grip Black Grey Pack

This will be perfect for when it’s raining out so that you can get ready for rainy days while keeping cool at all times. The material is lightweight, flexible, and features breathability where there are holes between fingers that allow airflow to circulate freely around them. These provide great moisture-wicking properties as well as being very comfortable because of their quality 3D performance mesh fabric construction.

This product can be used both as the everyday use of weather protection or during those rainy days when you want to get out there and practice. The size conforms well with USA regular-sized hands which means that it will fit any small or large handed individual comfortably even if they are wearing heavy winter clothing under them at all times of year without stretching too tight against the skin nor being too loose so that water goes where it shouldn’t go inside while also preventing blisters from developing underneath because we took care by using soft material.

  • Anti-slip.
  • Stays warm in cold weather.

  • A little tight.

MRX Women Golf Glove Left Handed Golf Gloves

The Trust Control MRX Golf Gloves will help you grip your club with ease, avoiding the common error of gripping it too tightly. Your palms will be protected by genuine leather that is some of the softest and most durable available, which means fewer blisters from wearing gloves. With three times more grip in dry weather conditions and five times more when it’s wet, these gloves are sure to stay with you for long rounds out on course.

These gloves will provide optimum grip in any climate or condition of play while providing unmatched softness on a pro-level to serious players. With matching left-handed and right-handed options, you can choose what best suits your need – be it a regular size glove or a cadet-sized one.

  • Affordable.
  • High-quality leather.
  • Sizing runs small.
  • Chemical odor.

Claw Pro Men’s Golf Glove – Breathable, Long Lasting by CaddyDaddy

Get your hands on this Claw Pro Golf Glove for Men that will provide you with the stability and grip. The silicon-web coating provides optimum flexibility while giving you a firm grasp of your club. If you prefer well-ventilated gloves that are breathable then this may be what you need.

A white glove is as clean and pristine as the day it was made. The golf gloves for men are machine washable, which means that you can maintain them at your convenience without fear of mold or staining because they have no natural material to soak up stains as leather does. They also conform with all rules laid down by professionals in professional games such as design, padding materials used, etc., so don’t worry about breaking any regulations when wearing these beauties on the course.

  • Padding helps absorb shock while providing an added comfort to your hands.
  • Long-lasting design.
  • Flexible and durable build.
  • Loose stitching.

Bionic GGNBMLL Men’s StableGrip with Natural Fit Black Golf Glove, Left Hand, Large

The innovative patent-pending Bionic Pad Technology helps provide 2X more durability than standard leather golf gloves, providing unmatched comfort and support.It keeps your glove looking like new round after round while you work the course with precision control and confidence.

The patented 3D pads not only wrap around fingers to help even out the tension on a variety of hand sizes but also go across the palm side for added stability when gripping clubs – ensuring that every shot is executed as flawlessly as possible without discomfort or slips in grip along the way.

  • Competitive pricing.
  • Two grip sizes for different hand sizes.
  • Dry hands thanks to their moisture management technology.
  • Not durable.


Which hand should you wear a golf glove on?

Wearing a glove, on one hand, is as common for beginners as it is for pros! However, there’s no “proper” way to wear them – some professional players will have two gloves in their bag and switch between using both hands depending on what they need that day or week.

Which type of material are used to make golf gloves?

Cabretta leather gloves are often used by tour players because they offer an unmatched level of tackiness and durability. Cabretta is a sheepskin made from hair instead of wool, which makes it softer than other types of leathers but also more durable when compared to cotton or synthetic fabrics. Most modern glove hybrids will still use cabrettas in key areas where the player actually grips their clubs for optimal performance despite its increased cost over other materials like lycra that can be found on composite models.

What criteria should you look for in a golf glove?

The glove should fit well – once it’s on your hand there shouldn’t be any discomfort or pain. A good golf glove will also have just enough tackiness so that when holding onto the club during long shots, you won’t lose grip easily. There are lots of different types out there but I like one with mostly leather (but flexible lycra accents for stretch) because this can provide maximum comfort while still doing its job in providing great feel which is crucial for distance control.

How can I prevent getting blisters when playing golf?

So, you’re getting blisters when playing golf? Well that’s not a good sign. It means your grip is too tight so it may be time for new grips to make sure they are more tacky and will absorb moisture better than old ones can. You could also try softer gripping or switching out gloves if the current one has worn down from use already.

Buying guide


There is nothing worse than being the only person at the course with a bad glove. They are designed specifically for this game, so they will help you grip your club better and protect your hands from all sorts of hazards like blisters or even bursitis in some cases. You want to invest in something that fits well without causing any discomfort whatsoever because there’s no need to break them out just yet – it should be perfect day one on opening up that package.


Golf gloves are an essential accessory for any golfer, but not all golf gloves serve the same purpose. The two main reasons to wear a glove is to improve your grip and prevent blisters -if you put on your glove and suddenly feel like it’s making the club more slippery than that’s probably because there was never really much of a need in putting them on.

Golfers do their best work when they have confidence in their equipment; so make sure you know what type of finger-less or full-finger style will work with both hand preferences as well as certain skill levels before purchasing one.


Golf gloves are a necessary item for any golfing enthusiast. There is nothing worse than having your hands exposed to the dangers of rough terrain such as when you’re near sand traps or cacti, and while they may be inexpensive it’s important only to invest in quality-made pairs that will last more rounds with holes appearing less frequently after each one.


Many golf glove manufacturers stick with the tried-and-true all leather construction, but others are always looking for new ways to advance their designs. It’s often hard to beat a classic design like an old pair of Nike gloves or even some cowboy gloves from Wrangler. Some of these advancements include space-age fabrics that improve grip or other comfort features designed with advanced technologies. The design of the glove has a significant impact on performance. 


You see there are three different sizes of gloves: S-M-L and even though they say that these measurements should be universal across brands, sometimes you get a batch of Cadet Large gloves that just don’t fit right. Glove size is supposed to reflect how well they adhere as small – medium – large but not every brand has this uniformity in their sizing so keep an eye out for your cadets.


Golf is a game that requires precision and coordination. You wouldn’t use a hammer to play baseball, so don’t abuse your golf gloves by treating them like they were made for BMX biking. It could be an expensive mistake. Using all three criteria above will give you some excellent choices and guide you through the process of purchasing your new glove(s). So decide the ones which best fits you.


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