Best Puncture Resistant Gloves For Police Reviews 2022

Law enforcement is a challenging career. You have to deal with the meanest criminals in order to maintain law and order in your community. However, dangers are everywhere, including suspects that you are arresting. Criminals may try any way they can to escape from the law and harm police officers while escaping. One of the ways is injuring them with sharp objects like knives and needles or even throwing dangerous substances into their eyes. Puncture resistant gloves for police will protect their hands from these life-threatening injuries. In this article, you will learn the best choices of these gloves for police and what features they should have.

Top Picks for Best Puncture Resistant Gloves For Police

1.HexArmor PointGuard Ultra 4045 Police Search Gloves

HexArmor PointGuard Ultra 4045 Police Search Gloves are ideal for law enforcement, firefighting, EMTs and other public safety personnel who have to work in challenging environments. This glove has SuperFabric on the exterior which is one of the toughest fabrics available giving you A7 cut resistance across the palm and fingers while still remaining flexible with 3 needle protection. There’s also back-of-hand knuckle padding that protects from accidental bumps or impacts during normal duties where needles may be present but not puncture proof like gloves.These gloves provide the highest level of protection available. They are not just puncture proof, but also impervious to cuts and abrasions. This makes them suitable for law enforcement officers that often deal with hostile suspects. It is hard to say whether they can withstand slash attacks though as there have been no reviews regarding this issue yet. Another great thing about these gloves is that they are very comfortable, customers agree it did not impede dexterity in any way when wearing them while handling their weapons or other equipment. The sizing chart is quite accurate so you don’t have to worry too much about getting a smaller or larger size than expected. The grip on the palms feels really good and allows your hands feel more secure even while wearing and handling your firearm or other equipment. They are not thin or bulky, they’re just thick enough for genuine protection without making you feel uncomfortable using your hands while wearing them.

These gloves are also hand washable which is a great feature because it makes maintenance easier to handle. Obviously, as the best choice of puncture resistant gloves for law enforcement, these might be a bit more expensive than others on this list so keep that in mind before buying them. The price tag may seem like an issue but once you get used to wearing these gloves in the field, you will know it’s worth every cent. From what it seems from customers’ reviews these are durable yet comfortable and provide reliable protection from sharp objects like needles and knives.

  • Superior protection in the field

  • Thick gloves, does not impede dexterity

  • High quality materials and stitching make them very reliable and durable

  • Slightly expensive

2. LANON Cut Resistant Work Gloves

The LANON Cut Resistant Work Gloves are a perfect combination of cut resistance, dexterity, and breathability. 13 gauge nylon with HPPE liner ensures these gloves provide excellent level C cut resistance while remaining breathable. 3D knit technology provides the wearer with incredible dexterity that makes them perfect for grabbing wet and greasy objects without worrying about ripping the seams. The non-slip Micro Foam nitrile coated palm leaves your hands feeling comfortably secure, even when working around slick surfaces like an oil spill in a parking lot or vegetable oil dumped on a kitchen floor during lunch break at work. These gloves can keep you cooler than traditional latex gloves because they have mesh fabric panels to promote airflow circulation which also make them more lightweight than most other heavy duty cut resistant gloves.

The double layer silicone coating on the fingers and palm provides a good gripping surface for your hands while the rest of the glove is made from breathable nylon fabric to keep you comfortable in all work conditions. The velcro wrist straps are adjustable so they fit perfectly even if you have small or large wrists. These gloves also include a pull tab that allows you to peel them off easily without having to take them completely off, which makes it easier when having to wash them frequently at work or home. They can be machine washed in cold water and air dried as well making it easy to clean and maintain their original quality over time.

  • pros and cons
  • Comfortable lightweight design with mesh fabric panels and fiberglass liner for excellent airflow circulation
  • Double layer silicone coating on the palm and fingers for secure gripping surface while working
  • Machine washable nylon knit with HPPE lining to make them more comfortable than most latex gloves
  • Improved dexterity thanks to 3D knit technology used in their construction
  • Limited palm reinforcement makes them less ideal for rough work like handling large objects

3.Magid D-ROC Lightweight Aramid Blend Polyurethane Palm Coated Work Gloves

The Magid D-ROC Lightweight Aramid Blend Polyurethane Palm Coated Work Gloves provide an outstanding cut protection with a stylish look that you’ll want to show off. The lightweight design and soft palm coating make it easy to wear without compromising on durability or dexterity. These gloves are color coded with the ANSI cut level, making it easy for you or your employees to tell which safety gloves they should wear at a distance. They come in sizes small through extra large and are made from polyurethane material so they’re comfortable and flexible as well as durable enough for all of your toughest jobs. Ranging in price from $9-$18, these gloves will prove themselves worthy investment many times over– stop slashing costs by reaching into tough places with your bare hands!

These gloves do not have any reinforcing on the palm or fingers so they are less suitable for handling heavy objects. These are great for light work and many users find them comfortable enough to wear while driving. Overall, their cut-resistant properties make these a great choice for most hobbyists who need protection from sharp blades during crafting projects, as well as gardeners and other professionals working in similar environments.

  • Comfortable fit without compromising dexterity
  • Color coded safety ratings on the back of the hand makes it easy to see which pair to use.
  • Missing palm reinforcements may make them unsuitable for very heavy work like loading/ unloading boxes from delivery trucks

4. HexArmor PointGuard Ultra 4043 Black Needle Resistant Search Gloves 

HexArmor PointGuard Ultra 4043 Black Needle Resistant Search Gloves are perfect for law enforcement, EMS, and first responders. These gloves offer the split-finger design you need to handle tools with precision in intense and high-risk scenarios where injury is a very real possibility. 

For protection against cuts and needle sticks from needles or other sharp objects, these police gloves feature SuperFabric technology that offers one of the toughest most durable fabrics in the world, giving these black gloves ANSI/ISEA level A9 cut resistance on an A1-A9 scale for blade resistance) on the palm side of your hands (and five needle protection levels out of five based on ANSI/ISEA standards). For added safety when it comes to handling breakable objects, these search gloves also feature an inner layer of nylon lining, which helps to prevent cuts and abrasions from sharp or jagged edges. The premium black leather on the back of these PointGuard ultra-premium police gloves provides extra protection for your wrists against abrasion. These knit powder-free rubber coated gloves are easy to clean and will fit any size hand thanks to their ambidextrous design– you don’t even need to take them off when using touch screens!

  • Machine washable, making cleanup a breeze
  • Specially designed for right- or left hand users
  • Offers advanced cut resistance with ANSI/ISEA level A9 protection on the palm side of your hands and premium black leather reinforcements along the wrists.
  • Not suitable for long-term use because they are not insulated

5. HexArmor PointGuard Ultra 6044 Thin Police Search Gloves

With HexArmor PointGuard Ultra 6044 Thin Police Search Gloves, you can be confident that your hands are safe from needles and other sharp instruments. Made with tough SuperFabric material on the palms for cut resistance (level A9) , they also sustain to needle stabs at a level 4 while fitting snugly on the hand without feeling too restrictive. The lightweight materials make these gloves perfect for undercover operations as well as patrols in extreme temperatures. They come generously sized to accommodate all shapes and sizes of hands, making it easy for officers of any gender to don them quickly.

  • Thin profile gloves are a good choice for undercover police operations or hot weather patrols
  • They fit snugly without feeling restrictive.
  • These gloves are machine washable which makes them very easy to clean.
  • Not suitable for the use of weapons like flashlights where dexterity is crucial because they lack gap between fingers

Things to consider before buying Puncture Resistant Gloves For Police

If you are looking for gloves that will protect you from puncture wounds, then you should take a look at these factors:


You need to score the material’s strength positively. This is essential if your job involves handling heavy tools. Since this will be one of the main protector from any sharp object, it needs to endure tough condition and still offer protection even in long term use. Blade Cut Level Knives Needles Scissors Make sure that blade cut level offered by the glove will give enough protection when dealing with knife blades or needles.

Protection level

ANSI/ISEA level A1-A9 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 (most popular) These standards are used for cut resistance as well as protection from lacerations. For example, level 8 means that it can resist a knife sharp enough to slice through a tire in four strokes. Meanwhile, level 6 means suitable for slicing through the skin with a razor and level 7 is perfect for cutting cardboard. However, there are also other standards that were made specifically to protect your hands from needle stabs such as the ANSI/ISEA levels.


Lightweight Heavy duty The thing about lightweight gloves is that it can be easily grabbed by other people who might attack you. On the other hand, heavy-duty gloves usually gives you better protection but at the same time will limit your flexibility in handling tools or weapons like guns or knives. Getting a lightweight police glove maybe a bit tricky because some of them might not provide enough protection for everyday use and you may end up suffering puncture wounds on your hands.


Synthetic Leather Leather Kraton Rubber These materials make the gloves more resistant to punctures as well as other types of cuts and offers a comfortable fit for your hands. If you get this type of glove, be sure to pay attention on how thick they can be when putting them on. For example, it is advisable if the thickness or density is on the thicker side because lesser pressure can be applied from your wrist down to your fingers whenever you try holding things with these gloves.  Ideally, the thickness should be thick enough so it will still offer protection on your palm even if you’re holding sharp objects.


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