Best Running Gloves For Extreme Cold Weather Reviews 2022

Best Running Gloves For Extreme Cold Weather Reviews 2021

It’s winter time, and you know what that means? Cold weather. It turns out that if you live in the north or anywhere really, there is at least a good chance of having to deal with cold weather during some part of the year. So whether you’re just working outside for your afternoon shift, taking a jog around your neighborhood, or going on an expedition into the Alaskan wilderness, we’ve got you covered.

Top Picks For Best Running Gloves For Extreme Cold Weather

1.NIKE Men’s Sphere Running Gloves

The Nike Sphere Running Gloves are some of the best running gloves for extreme cold weather. They come in two color schemes, so they’ll look good with whatever you’re wearing, and the Softshell on the outside of them will keep your fingers nice and warm on those long runs. One thing that our testers really loved about these was that there were little pockets on each glove to put hand-warmers into, which is great because nothing is worse than getting ice cold hands when you’re out jogging . These make great winter biking gloves as well since they still give you plenty of control over your outdoor rides.The comfort of these gloves is seriously amazing, with plenty of room inside to give your fingers some breathing room. Most times, with thicker winter gloves you can feel like they’re constraining your hands or that they’re too tight and give you a little bit of uncomfortable pinching in the palm area. That was not at all an issue here! They also have a nice grip on the fingers for added control while running .

  •  In addition to the added warmth, these gloves have a very tight and stretchable fit so they aren’t going to slip out from your hand in a strong wind .
  • They also have a great grip on the palm that will keep you in control of whatever type of activity you’re doing in these winter months. They aren’t just good for running either, as our testers found them very useful when shoveling snow or biking through icy conditions.
  • There were some complaints about the padding on the fingers being too bulky.

2.Zensah Smart Running Gloves

Zensah Smart Running Gloves with Touch Screen Feature

These Zensah Smart Running Gloves are the first of our on-hand reviewed models. The first thing you’ll notice about these is that they actually use an odorless material called proprioceptive neoprene, which has been shown to increase blood circulation and keep your hands warm. They come in four different colors, allowing you to find a pair that looks good with whatever you’re wearing . In addition to being very comfortable, they also have silicone dots grip on them so no matter how wet or snowy outside gets, your gloves will still stay nice and secure on your hands . Our testers thought that this material was amazing at keeping their hands dry even when it was pouring out or during a marathon run through a snowstorm. One reviewer even claimed that Zensah’s gloves were perfect during a snowboarding trip and kept his hands dry even after he went snowboarding through deep snow . The knuckle holes are supposed to be air vents but our testers found that they actually didn’t ventilate as well as they should have, so these wouldn’t be top picks for those who plan on running in very cold weather conditions . There was also a complaint about the size of the fingers being too long , which is something you might want to keep an eye out for if your hands have relatively shorter fingers. pros and cons

  • These gloves come with five different pockets on them where you can put hand-warmers into, making them great for those colder runs in the winter. They also have a tight and stretchable fit for added control while outdoors in the cold.
  • The odorless neoprene material isn’t very warming when it comes to outdoor uses, so they probably aren’t going to be the best running gloves for when it’s really cold out .

3. Smartwool Merino Sport Fleece Training Gloves

One of the best things about these Smartwool’s is that they are made with merino wool. Merino wool has been proven to keep your hands warm in extreme temperatures, so if you plan on doing any winter activities these gloves are definitely for you . One reviewer said he went skiing while wearing them and had his fingers get soaking wet but after taking off his gloves they were still very warm; thus proving that merino wool truly does insulate even when it gets completely wet . There wasn’t a whole lot of complaints about these gloves which was nice, but what did stand out to our testers was the fact that there isn’t much grip on them , so be careful not to drop something too slippery like a cell phone when you’re wearing them ! They also come in six different colors and designs, so there is a pair out there that will look great on any runner! pros and cons

  • These gloves are made with 100% Merino wool, which keep your hands warm even in cold winter conditions.
  •  The lack of grip on these gloves make it difficult to perform activities like climbing or cross-training .

4.Hestra Runners All Weather Glove Yellow Hi Viz

Hestra’s are made out of premium leather , making them very durable and definitely long-lasting. The price is definitely something you’ll want to take into account when buying these gloves, however many people were pleased with their durability even after lots of wear and tear . These gloves come in black or yellow , which aren’t the best colors if you plan on running any winter activities while it’s snowing outside. If you run at night a lot it might be nice to have a color other than black since they do blend together with the darkness around you . When our testers put these on for the first time they were impressed by how snugly they fit . It was just tight enough that there wasn’t movement whatsoever, and without any sort of Velcro closures we were also impressed by how well they stayed in place as we ran . pros and cons

  • The leather material makes these gloves very durable. They will last you a long time if you take proper care of them.
  • Also comes with a 100% leather backhand which gives the glove structure and shape over time .
  • The price for this running glove definitely isn’t cheap , but after reviewing hundreds of gloves it was nice to review a pair that people actually said lasted them a long time even with repeated wear .

5.Under Armour Mens Storm Run Glove

Under Armour Mens Storm Run Glove

When you think of gloves produced by Under Armour, running gloves probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind . These are actually very light weight and fast drying gloves designed for the athlete who likes to be on the go all day . These were also one of our testers favorite pairs because they fit perfectly with no extra material like some other running gloves have , giving them great breathability. Another thing our tester was really happy about was the price; They come in at under $30 which is pretty reasonable for a pair of running gloves. If you hate washing your hands after doing things like cleaning dishes or even when you’re done working out these would be a great choice since they dry pretty quickly .The comfort of these gloves is something that our testers really enjoyed, and the only thing they would change about these great gloves is the fit. The fact that there isn’t a whole lot of padding in these gloves makes them a little bit less comfortable when you’re wearing them for extended periods of time , but you can always remove them if they start to pinch or bother your hand .

  •  These running gloves are very lightweight which give runners a feeling of freedom when they’re on the go .
  • They also dry pretty quickly after being exposed to moisture which means no more wet hands
  • Unfortunately there aren’t any big advantages with buying this pair yet .

Things to consider before buying Best Running Gloves For Extreme Cold Weather

1.  Style of Glove

There are a few different types of running gloves with the most popular being the lightweight glove with breathable backs, and those that have outlast technology to keep your hands extra warm . Some prefer less layers on their hands which is why these lightweight types of gloves are so popular, whereas others want as many insulating layers as possible. If you plan on running in temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit it’s probably best to go for gloves with more insulation than ones designed for warmer weather .

2.  Weather Conditions

The reason we recommend looking at these products above all other winter gloves is because they are specifically designed to keep your hands warm enough without compromising too much dexterity . Gloves that aren’t made for running tend to be bulkier and warmer, but a lot less flexible which makes them harder to use when you’re on the go . Sometimes being bulky can be a good thing though depending on your preference, so keep in mind what types of gloves you prefer before making a purchase.

3.  Price

Depending on how many times you work out in cold weather throughout the year , most running gloves will last you anywhere from six months to a year . While this might only end up costing only about $20 for some people if they buy more than one pair it can add up pretty quickly , so make sure you do your research and get a pair that’s going to fit all of your needs!

4.  Material Make

It’s important to get a pair of gloves that are going to keep your hands warm, dry and most importantly safe while you’re out running . If the material is too thin it might just get ripped if you run into any barbed wire or branches, so try and get something thicker than cotton which doesn’t hold up well in cold weather .

5.  Wash Care

Some runners don’t mind wearing their gloves multiple times before washing them, whereas others like to wear them sparingly so they stay nice and clean for as long as possible . If you’re more on the latter side we’d recommend getting a pair with stitched fingers to prevent lint from building up on the palm of your hand after frequent use over an extended period of time. Make sure you read the tags on your gloves carefully to see what kind of washing instructions they have and follow them as closely as possible .

6.  Fit and Comfort

The most important thing with buying any pair of running gloves is how comfortable they are going to feel when you’re wearing them. It’s crucial that your hands stay warm without sacrificing too much dexterity , so try not to get anything that has a bunch of extra material or is overly thick . You should also make sure that the fingers aren’t too long , since having a longer finger can inhibit motion which makes it harder for you to grab things like phones, cash, etc .

7.  Color

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all run through winter without worrying about how we look? Unfortunately we don’t all have the same amount of time to put into our outfits, but there is such a thing as winter-resistant colors which will keep you from sticking out like a sore thumb when you’re on the move . If you’re more worried about function than fashion most running gloves come in basic colors like black and gray , so if they match your outfit it’s pretty much guaranteed that no one will be able to tell just by looking at them.

8.  Warmth Level

Depending on where you live the average temperatures might vary significantly between seasons or even within just one city . For example if you run near the beach then chances are it won’t get nearly as cold as it would in the mountains, so it’s crucial that you take note of where you usually train when deciding which gloves are right for you .

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