Best SKI Gloves For Cold Hands Reviews 2022

Every winter, skiers need to protect their hands from the cold. Having gloves which are suitable for alpine skiing is essential, as having fingers which are frozen stiff can have a significant impact on your performance. Gloves also protect your hands from the elements of nature such as rain and snow, allowing you to continue through storms without concern. They are a very important item to purchase, as without them your enjoyment on the slopes will be severely hampered.

There are a number of different glove types available, so knowing which ones suit you best is important, especially for those who have never bought gloves before. Regardless of what kind you need however this article should help you choose the gloves which suit you best and ultimately increase your level of enjoyment both now and in future winters. Here we review a wide range of mens ski gloves from several brands, including Hestra Burton , Black Diamond and Manzella .

Top Picks for Best SKI Gloves For Cold Hands


Arc'teryx Sabre Glove Men's | Synthetically insulated Gore-Tex ski glove.

These gloves provide a solid insulation from the cold, and are of a very high quality. They have a Gore-Tex membrane which will keep moisture out even in very harsh conditions. In conjunction with this they also have an Oxford waterproof layer to stop any water penetrations internally . They also have a Primaloft Gold insulation which is highly breathable and prevents heat from being trapped. This ensures that you do not overheat while wearing them, especially when working hard on your skis or walking uphill.The comfort provided is also excellent, with well-cushioned grips on the palms which will help to reduce hand fatigue. The leather palm ensures that they are durable and last for years .

One thing worth looking out for when buying these gloves however is their size. They come in three sizes , S/M, M/L and L/XL. This may make it difficult to choose between them, however if you buy the wrong size they can be exchanged at most retailers where Arc’teryx products are sold . It is worth noting that these do not provide waterproof protection to the wrist area so you should look elsewhere if this is what you want .

  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Tacky grip palms
  • Highly durable Long lasting
  • Buy these if you want a truly luxurious pair of gloves which will last for years, and provide exceptional comfort.
  • Expensive


BURTON Baker 2-in-1 Under Gloves Bog Heather Mens

These gloves have a fleece lining which will keep your hands particularly warm. This means that you can head out into colder climates without concern, and increases their level of protection from the elements . In addition to this they also have a silicone gripper palm for improved grip in wet conditions , and a twin-needle stitch construction which increases their durability. These gloves are designed to be worn tight so it is important to look at sizing before buying them , however once purchased they should emboss tightly to the shape of your hand .

They do not provide waterproofing though so if you intend on skiing in very cold weather you may want something with Gore-Tex capabilities or other water repellent technology .

  • Warm
  • Relatively durable
  • Well-designed
  • Buy these if you want a warm pair of gloves which will last for years, and grip the snow well .
  • Not waterproof


Black Diamond Men's Guide Gloves

These gloves are designed to provide a high level of insulation and protect your hands from the elements well. They do this by utilizing PrimaLoft Gold insulation , which is very warm and also prevents heat from being trapped . In addition to this they also have waterproofing technology, however it does not protect the wrist area itself so if you intend on skiing in harsh weather or snowstorms then look elsewhere . One particularly interesting aspect of these gloves is that they feature a leather palm which makes them great for grip and dexterity, as well as durability. This means that you will spend less time fixing ripped stitching after spending time out in the mountain. The material around the wrist can stretch to accommodate most arm sizes as well .

  • Warm
  • Well-designed
  • Waterproof to wrist area only
  • Buy these if you want a warm, comfortable pair of gloves with an excellent grip which will work for a wide range of rigorous activities.
  • Not particularly durable


Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Glove - Classic 5-Finger Snow Glove for Skiing, Snowboarding and Mountaineering

These gloves provide a great balance of warmth, dexterity and durability. They utilize a combination of leather and polyamide fabric to accomplish this, with the former providing protection from harsh weather . In addition to this they have a Primaloft insulation which is very warm and prevents overheating even in cold conditions . One particularly noteworthy aspect is that these also feature an adjustable wristband which will help you ensure you buy the right size, as well as making sure these gloves fit tightly around your hands .

This does however mean that they do not provide much waterproofing so if you intend on skiing in harsh weather then these may not be suitable for you .

  • Well-designed
  • Comfortable Durable
  • Buy these if you want a pair of gloves which will last you for years, and provide excellent dexterity for handling ski equipment .
  • Not particularly warm

5.Columbia Sportswear Men’s Tumalo Mountain Gloves

Columbia Sportswear Men's Tumalo Mountain Gloves

These gloves provide a great balance of warmth and dexterity. They utilize Omni-Heat technology , which traps the heat produced by your hands inside the glove, as well as Columbia’s own Windshear material , which prevents wind from penetrating . In addition to this they also come with a soft fleece lining and features such as an adjustable wristband, palm grip pads and terry cloth thumb panels .

This does however mean that they do not provide much waterproofing and the wrist area itself is relatively exposed , so if you intend on skiing in harsh weather then these may not be suitable for you .

  • Well-designed
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Buy these if you want a pair of gloves which will last you for years, as well as providing good insulation and dexterity.
  • Not particularly warm

Things to consider before buying SKI Gloves For Cold Hands

1. Warmth

Warmth is extremely important when looking for ski gloves because hands are highly susceptible to frostbite and other injuries. Your hands must be able to retain warmth in the harshest of conditions, so make sure you go for a pair which has adequate insulation . The most common materials used here are fleece, polyester and wool.


Make sure your gloves have a soft material around the wrist which will help keep you warm as well as provide a tight fit around your wrist. In addition to this look out for features such as an adjustable wristband or strap , since these will allow you to alter the tightness according to weather conditions .


Some gloves come with waterproof technology, but most do not . In addition to this, some also come with breathable technology which will prevent overheating. Ensure that your gloves have adequate waterproofing if you plan on skiing in harsh weather conditions .


Although not as important as warmth and material, dexterity can still affect your day out on the mountain. Look for a glove which has reinforced leather patches where necessary, as well as features such as palm grip pads and terry cloth thumb panels for increased dexterity .

5 .Price

Ski gloves are generally priced between $30-$105 depending on quality and features. Go for something which is durable , but does not break the bank . Things like insulation play a major part here , since you want good value for money and something which will last you for several seasons .


Some ski gloves are available in small, medium and large. Try finding something which is relatively close to your size, but if you have extremely large or tiny hands then make sure you go for one which can properly fit them . This will ensure a good fit around the wrist as well as increased dexterity .


If noise bothers you while skiing , make sure you choose a pair of gloves which are mostly silent when moving your fingers inside them . This generally means that there are no loose seams or stitches rippling against each other with every movement of the hand .


The lining of a ski glove can be cotton, fleece or polyester. Cotton is heavy and not warm enough to provide proper insulation, polyester provides little warmth , whereas fleece provides optimal insulation .

9. Features

A pair of gloves which has lots of features such as a wrist strap or adjustable wristband will prove beneficial when out on the mountain , since they will help you adjust your fit according to weather conditions . In addition to this look for extra features such as terry cloth thumb panels and palm grip pads for increased dexterity. This is especially important if you do not want to take off your gloves every time you need to use equipment such as a camera or phone . These are some things which should be considered before looking to buy a pair of ski gloves, but as long as you have these things in mind then finding the right pair should not be difficult at all .

Things to avoid

1. Cheap gloves

These gloves are designed for skiing and so should be able to offer adequate insulation and dexterity in addition to waterproofing. If you buy cheap ones, they may even get damaged quickly or not provide sufficient warmth so always opt for a mid-range glove which has good features.

2. Oversized gloves

Avoid buying overly large ski gloves , since these can cause your hands to overheat and get sweaty, thus increasing the risk of serious injuries such as frostbite . Make sure your gloves fit snugly around your palm but do not become uncomfortably tight.

3. Loose wrists

Ensure that the wrist area is well covered by your ski glove , since this is one of the most commonly exposed areas . Ensure that there are no gaps around your wrist where cold air can enter. Gloves which have an adjustable band or strap for tightening around the wrist are best.

4. Poor grip

Avoid buying gloves with smooth leather palms since these do not provide adequate grip and could lead to you falling over while skiing . Look for features such as palm grip pads at the base of each glove , so that you don’t lose your hold on ski poles or skis.

5 . Allergic reactions

Some all-weather ski gloves use materials like latex, neoprene and silicone, which may cause allergic reactions in some people. If you’re buying gloves online, make sure you check out the list of materials used before placing an order .

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