How To Store Golf Gloves?

Now that the golf season is in full swing, many golfers are wondering how to store their gloves. After all, you can’t just toss them in your bag with your clubs and expect them to be ready for the next round. If you want your gloves to last through the entire season then proper glove storage is a must.

Golfers often ask: “How do we properly store our golf gloves?” The answer is simple: hang them to dry. However, it’s important not to just throw them in the closet or your golf bag and expect that they’ll stay moist and pliable come time to play another round of golf.

What not to do:

1. Never just throw them into the bottom of your golf bag between rounds as this will cause them to dry out and lose their shape.

2. Don’t store your gloves in a hot car or direct sunlight as this will cause them to dry out and become brittle.

Features Of Golf Gloves

Synthetic gloves

Synthetic gloves are made up of faux leather and look similar to the real thing, making them perfect for those who want a durable alternative. Synthetics offer more durability than their natural counterparts along with being less prone to cracking or breaking when exposed to too much sun – but they also lack some features that make both types great in different situations.

I would recommend you try out synthetic if either one is giving trouble before buying an entirely new set because these fabrics can stretch quite easily which will help accommodate different sizes as needed by people wearing them at any given time.


The durability of a golf glove is important because it should last for a long time. Golfers who have low-quality gloves that tear apart after two games will want to get high-quality ones so they don’t experience this problem again, or at least not often enough where their satisfaction with the product would markedly decrease from other factors such as utility and functionality when playing regularly in harsh weather conditions like rainforest humidity levels which can quickly wear down any item over time due to its environment alone being too humid.

The type of material used matters greatly here since some materials are more durable than others if you’re going out on courses covered by trees then leather might be good while synthetics offer little protection against abrasions etc.

Dominant hand

Golf gloves are an essential piece of equipment for golfers. They help reduce the amount of vibration transfer between your hands and clubs, which can lead to blisters or chafing more easily on longer games where there’s less room in terms of hardware like at higher elevations (elevation changes). So make sure you always grab a set that will match whatever your dominant hand happens to be.

Staying comfortable throughout all day long means having gear suited specifically towards each individual player’s needs – but knowing who everyone else is doesn’t come naturally without some experience playing against different styles ourselves first.


The design of the golf gloves should be ergonomic and must be designed by specialists to help you achieve your best performance in this game. Golfing can take a lot out of an individual if they don’t want it to, but with these specialized gloves on hand, we’ll make sure that our clients get all their energy back for another day at least.


The most important part of golf is the grip. It allows you to apply maximum pressure for your swing and make better shots, but with great control when needed too. a lot of people wear gloves because they don’t want any mistakes during their game; however, there are different types designed specifically around this sport like fingerless or mitten style which can lessen some skills required by players such as shooting accurately over longer distances since fewer fingers require attention at all times (this doesn’t mean that professional golfer should go without gear).

Fingerless – This type comes with no padding between where your hands meet palm up on top while wearing them leaving minimal coverage around the wrist area making it easier if not possible altogether due to the fact that no glove grip is present. These are good for those who need to feel their clubs better or have sweaty hands which can help improve ball control on each shot since the fabric used absorbs sweat easily but not enough to hinder movement around the fingers of your hand. Mitten – This style offers more protection ranging from just below the wrist up to the top of the knuckles on your fingers.


How To Store Your Gloves?

The best way to store your gloves is by hanging them in a cool, dark place such as a closet or the back of your car (not on the sunroof). The absolute worst place to store your gloves is in your golf bag. The bottom of the bag will get hot and this will cause them to dry out quickly. Another thing to avoid is keeping your gloves sealed in a ziplock or plastic bag for longer than required as this can cause them to sweat, which leads to mildew and wasted gloves.

When using a glove dryer, make sure to use it with heat or warm air setting. Never use the heater option as this will damage your gloves and lead them to crack and break down earlier than expected. It is recommended that you dry out your gloves after each round of golf, even if you don’t plan on using them again for a month or two. This will keep your gloves fresh and ready to use on the course when you are. So if you follow these steps, your gloves should stand up to at least four rounds of golf before showing any signs of wear and tear.

Which hand do I need to put the glove on?

A glove on the lead hand will help you keep control and avoid painful calluses. A bad swing mostly results in a one-handed follow-through, so wear your glove if want to hold onto the club for more than just half an hour.

What different types of leather make golf gloves?

The Cabretta leather of the modern golf glove provides it with durability and flexibility, but its most important function is still providing raw material for your hand. Most gloves use lycra or other synthetic compounds in order to provide more comfort while giving you an elastic grip on clubs; however, this also means that there are spots where these materials will touch all along every part where we really need pressure applied- which come into contact during gameplay.

What specific features of a golf glove should I look for?

The glove should fit properly, first and foremost. When you’ll wear such one, your grip will barely feel that it’s there because of how light they are when in use; this is essential for a good player since we need all the help we can get. You want to make sure it’s got some tacky features on its surface so as not to be slippery during playtime-I like leather though any type would do provided with enough stretchiness built-in from lycra accents which allow them a greater range of motion while maintaining tightness around the knuckles and wrist.


Golf gloves are not an accessory that should be overlooked. It’s important to play with a glove since it helps protect your hands from getting cut, which will save you time and money on band-aids. If you have the wrong equipment or are using old equipment, you can do more damage to your body than good so be sure to check out our reviews on the best golf gloves and cleats.


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