What Are Cadet Golf Gloves?

Golfing is a fantastic sport and many people enjoy playing it, but what about those who want to take their game up another level? For these gamers, golf gloves offer an essential tool that helps them improve the way they grip the club. Playing without one may seem like an option for some professionals; however, if we’re talking average amateurs then there’s no question that you need at least one glove on a hand.

Your hands are the only parts of your body that touch the club and aiding them may help you to play better. Amateurs will spend a lot on golf shoes, hats, or other accessories but they don’t seem inclined for spending more money in buying gloves because losing grip with them can lead to a disaster very quickly so hold back if not necessary just get a good quality glove at first place

Your palms have been known as being “the most sensitive” part about handling any kind of directly related tool when playing sports like Golf where it comes down less than our ability depending entirely upon what type fits best according to how much cash one is willing to lose without sacrificing efficiency.

Features Of Golf Gloves

Synthetic Golf Gloves

Synthetic is a great material to use when you want the flexibility of natural leather with less weight. It’s perfect for smaller areas on your glove, like knuckles or joints in fingers that need more support than an entire palm can provide. Leather gloves are a thing of the past, as synthetic materials have taken their place. Synthetic leather is lightweight and breathable with stretchy microfibres that give players an excellent grip on whatever they’re doing (or playing). It also keeps hands cool in warm weather.

All-Weather Golf Gloves

Guaranteed to be an excellent addition for any golf enthusiast who plays their game on dry, wet, or extremely humid days. These gloves offer a better feel when it’s all sweaty slippery out due in large part to the water-resistant material they’re made from making sure you stay connected while still getting great feedback thanks to these innovative design features.

The light synthetic material of this glove is breathable and actually grips better the more it gets wet. The fibers on your palm will stand up, creating more friction which helps with gripping in wet conditions or if you’re sweaty while golfing during warmer weather.

Thermal Golf Gloves

A lot of golfers are afraid to play in the winter. Wearing gloves is an option that allows them to maintain their hands’ heat, which helps when it’s cold outside and snowing or raining constantly. This type of glove often has a thick material on one side-the palm -and may be made from either knitted fabric (like wool) or thermals with stretchy lycra inserts for comfort during extended wear periods. They look just like your average glove but offer extra warmth because they’re designed specifically for playing sports through wet conditions without losing too much sensitivity at clubface level due to the thicker material.

Cadet Gloves

These gloves are perfect for juniors or players with smaller hands who want to take their game up a notch and play like the pros. Cadet gloves can be worn by anyone, but they’re designed for those with slender fingers that need more support than average. They may also help you to hold the club in the proper position so you don’t have to change your grip mid-swing because of a slip or loss of control.

Golf Glove Sizing

Size isn’t always considered when it comes to purchasing a glove, but this is a big mistake if you can avoid it. Even though they’re not inexpensive, golf gloves should fit as well as a glove can fit. It’s important to purchase a pair that fits you properly so your grip is always secure during those crucial moments when one slip up will cost you the hole. The sizes of golf gloves range from XS through XL but don’t forget to check the sizing chart provided by each brand for optimal comfort and performance.

Golf Mitts

The best way to keep your hands warm this winter is with one of two different types of gloves. Mitten slips over any type of glove and the material blocks out all but a thin layer in order for you not to be bothered by feeling like there’s nothing on them when playing Golf outside during these chilly days.

Mitts, however, are designed specifically so they can slip onto traditional hand-sized golfing gear such as large amounts or normal playing shoes; this makes it easier than ever before given how difficult holding onto clubs used too often get inside cooler weather conditions.


What Are Cadet Golf Gloves?

Cadet golf gloves are a smaller version of regular-sized gloves. They’re designed for junior, teen, and women players who have small hands and require a more delicate fit. PGA Tour player Justin Thomas uses cadet-style gloves. The major champion has been wearing the same Titleist glove since 2015 when he switched from traditional size to cadet. “I used to wear extra-large but now I’m wearing cadet medium,” he said at the time.

The design of many cadet-style gloves is also more delicate than standard-sized gloves, with sleeker curves and less stitching on the fingers. However, some brands are developing traditional-looking glove models for women players which are replacing older styles. Finally, the price point is usually much lower for these models, which makes them even more attractive to younger players and beginners.

What Is The Difference Between Cadet And Standard Sized Gloves?

Traditional-sized gloves are designed with the average man in mind. They fit well on most men’s hands, but they can feel too big or bulky for women and teenagers. This is especially true for younger players who haven’t developed a firm grip on the club.

The same applies to older golfers with arthritis, which can make gripping a large glove very difficult. In addition, many men’s gloves have too many seams and stitching. This can be distracting when putting or while taking practice swings in between holes. That’s why most cadet gloves only have two pieces of leather sewn together, offering a more comfortable and simplified feel.

What Are The Best Cadet Gloves?

One brand that makes the best cadet-style golf gloves is Titleist. Justin Thomas wears their men’s AP1 glove and women’s Lady Pro model. Both styles offer a sleeker and smaller design than the company’s traditional-style gloves, plus they’re made of premium Cabretta leather for unmatched performance.

Cadet golf gloves are also available from many other top-tier glove manufacturers, including FootJoy, Callaway, Srixon, and TaylorMade. Shop these brands to find a more tailored fit glove at a price that’s easy on your bank account.

Which hand should you wear your glove on?

The only way to get the most out of your game is by wearing a glove that matches whichever hand you naturally use. If this sounds like something for which you don’t want to do anything, know there’s an option: all-weather and winter gloves come pairs with both right-handed ones as well as lefty options – just be sure not to miss any shots because they’re hidden away until needed.

Why do professionals take their gloves off to putt?

If you’re a professional player, it’s very important to take your glove off when putting it. This way not only can we see how stylishly they hang from their back pocket or what prevents tan lines – because let’s face it: who wants those pesky things?- but also so that more feel is available for control purposes with reduced layers on one hand. The sensation of grip and stroke will be closed at the fingertips due in part to remove some material. As instructors preach all about “feel” as an essential factor during golfing, professionals choose this course over others simply based on the factor.


Cadet golf gloves are smaller in size and better fitting, designed for junior, teen, and women players who have small hands. They’re also more affordable than traditional models. While most major manufacturers make cadet-style gloves, Titleist makes the best one on the market today – with or without genuine Cabretta leather.

It’s important to note that older or physically challenged golfers can find the right glove from top brands, even if it’s a traditional fit. Newer models now come with features such as hand-specific designs and adjustable wrist straps for a more personalized fit.


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